Live events of Jakmar Entertainment

We aim at giving families a complete joyful experience when they come to our shows. This is why we provide not only a great show but we look for venues that provide the opportunity for the family to have more fun together. Whether it be a banquet hall, a dancing club or even a tour bus where the entire trip is filled with shows, raffles, comedy, music and more, we aim at making every event a memorable one for the families that attend.


Our theater plays are designed to keep families united. Everyone in the family is taken into consideration. Because of this, grandparents, parents and their kids can enjoy a great story filled with comedy, music, brilliant dialogues, great actors and more without the stress of inappropriate language or situations. We prove  that to be funny you do not have to be offensive. Our shows have toured many wonderful theaters and they have also brightened multiple venues in the United States, Mexico and Puerto Rico.