//Crossing Frontiers

Crossing Frontiers


Crossing Frontiers

Starring José Caro, Albertossy Espinoza, Teresa Michelle-Ruiz,

Written & Directed by Jackie Torres

Produced by Mario Ramírez Reyes



Movie Cast

José Caro, Albertossy Espinoza, Teresa Michelle-Ruiz, Pilar Camporredondo, Deborah Bambarén, Tomás Olivera, Roberto Zapién, Tony Farias, Rony Vega.



Genre Action Drama

Trying to guard their frontiers from illegal aliens, the border patrol will face their biggest threat yet, the ultimate frontier, one that crosses the boundaries between time and space, life and death, one they cannot set limits upon.




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Behind the Scenes



Our Crew

Director Jackie torres

Producer Mario Ramírez

Cinematographer: Mario Ramírez

Music: Xavier Quijas

Stills & Sound: Luis E. D’Los Cobos

VFX Supervisor MR Reyes

Make-up: Lucio Arroyo

Costume Designer Nohé Flores


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