//My friend the cricket

My friend the cricket

This is the humorous tale of a spoiled kid that lives with his tender grandmother. One day, a talking grasshopper appears to him and invites him to have an adventure through the songs of the genious Mexican composer Francisco Gabilondo Soler. The kid goes with the grasshopper, whose name is Cri-Cri, without a clue that this magical journey will change his life.

Director and Author: Mario Ramírez Reyes
Current cast: Luis Nieto, Yuridia Ramírez, Valerie Flores, Christian Hernández, Alan, Tadeo Hernández, Jackie Torres, Mario Ramírez.
Former cast: Humberto Amor, Rony Vega, María Isabel Aguilera, Luis Nieto, Naomi Coai, Perú Díaz, JD Mata, Oscar González, Luanna Madrigal