//The INS does not rule Bethlehem

The INS does not rule Bethlehem

In a world divided by walls and borders this play poses another reality, despite all the power of government or military forces in several parts of the world, in heaven none of them rule; therefore, we can all be happy there. This play has been so popular among several audiences that we have a version with actors and another one with puppets.

Actual cast: Tadeo Hernández, Yuridia Ramírez, Alicia Medina, Jonathan Hernández, Alan Guitiérrez, Valerie Flores

Former cast: Luis Nieto, Sonia Matus, Andy Rolf, Luanna Madrigal, Malory Celay, Armando Heredia, Cresencio Gómez, María Medrano, Gabriel Flores

Director & writer: Mario Ramírez
Producer: Jackie Torres